We offer a range of Automatic Tray Wrapping Machines for sale in South Africa. Fully automatic machine, which is equipped with a weighing, wrapping and labeling system. The materials (plastic, stainless steel) ensure the high hygienic operation prescribed for food environments.

Automatic Wrapping machine is compact design allows you to fit this machine into almost any processing area. Combines high speed and dynamic film stretching for a superior backroom operation. The lines of machines are designed so that it can be integrated into production lines in food processing plants, in meat and poultry processing plants or even in large packing centers in hypermarkets.

Our automatic wrappers eliminate the need for manual wrapping, greatly easing the pressure on your workforce and helping you keep costs down.

Our systems has the power for fast tray production without compromising seal integrity, in time for opening hours or before peak customer periods, giving a precise, uniform finish every time.

  • Automatic detection of product width, so size variations can be catered for during wrapping
  • Compatible with all types of tray – soft trays, pliable trays, large trays – up to 350mm x 250mm in size
  • Intuitive operating panel, that displays the exact product shape on screen to ensure the right wrapping mode is chosen.
  • Excellent durability, thanks to an all-stainless steel bod

High-speed weighing, sealing and printing – in a single machine.

Automatic Tray Wrapping Machines:

Automatic Tray Wrapping Machine   Automatic Tray Wrapping Machine  Automatic Tray Wrapping Machine  Automatic Tray Wrapping Machine  Automatic Tray Wrapping Machine

Ishida WM4000 Automatic Tray Wrapping Machines

NRCS  approved for use in trade in South Africa:

Product Brochure:
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With the WM-4000, you get:

  • Automatic tray identification and centering, thanks to a CCD camera that starts as soon as the tray is placed on the in-feed table
  • An ergonomically designed machine that saves space and makes it easier to load film, set wrapping conditions and check printing
  • Free arm labeling with a built-in sensor, that can apply labels at any location on the tray with the correct pressure
  • An easy-to clean system, due to an all-stainless steel structure and detachable in-feed table

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Ishida WM4000 DF Automatic Tray Wrapping Machines


NRCS  approved for use in trade South Africa :Automatic Tray Wrapping Machind WM4000 DF

Product brochure:
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With the WM-4000 DF,  you get:

  • Wrapping speeds up to 25 packs per minutes.
  • Can wrap various-shaped trays.
  • Advanced servo-controlled tray loading keeps beautiful wrapping without spilling soup and other contents.
  • Can print traceability label and other legal information, such as nutritional facts.
  • Available twin printer model (option).
  • By using sliding film holder, operator can easily change films from the front side of machine. Moreover, the film covers ensures operation safety and keeps films in good condition from dust contamination.
  • Compact design saves your valuable footprint.
  • WM-4000-DF contributes the improvement of operation efficiency even in a small backroom.

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    Automatic Tray Wrapping Machine  Automatic Tray Wrapping Machine   




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